Hot Diggin'

A game in less than 1kb for PICO-1K jam 2022


Help Digson get away from the falling lava! Dig as fast as you can! Why is the lava falling? Who knows!


  • arrow keys (or gamepad DPAD) - move left and right
  • action button (Z,C, or N on keyboard, "A" on XBOX gamepad) - dig!
    • you can dig left and right by holding that direction while digging. Otherwise, you will try to dig down. You can only dig when your feet are on hard ground.
  • Your only goal is to outrun the falling lava. Touching red blocks will make the lava run faster. You can dig through red blocks, but doing so will GREATLY speed up the lava, so try to avoid this.
  • If you lose, pause (ENTER OR START) to restart.

Thanks to for hosting. Game made with pico-8.


Download 733 kB
Download 973 kB
Download 3 MB
Download 2 MB


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Nice game! I like how walking on glowing tiles makes the lava go faster, everything becomes a lot more difficult to navigate. I don't know if deeper levels are harder but level 1 feels hard already