Jenry Javelina!

My submission for LD49. A silly 3D platformer about a javelina (they are kind of like pigs) who is running across some rocky, unstable desert terrain.

How to play

move: arrow keys OR WASD

jump: Z or J

climb: hold the jump button when you are against a wall, but you can only climb as long as you have stamina!

Help Jenry get to the cactus at the finish line!


If you are struggling, I recommend slowing down a bit, and standing on blocks to recover stamina. Try to avoid climbing as much as possible, and hop to adjacent blocks as needed to recover more stamina.

The game wont start!!

Sometimes you may need to click the game window once the title screen pops up to get things moving. Then try pressing Z or J.


Download 3 MB

Install instructions

Windows - download and extract on your system. Then just execute game.exe.

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